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General Information


Senegal, officially the Republic of Senegal, is a country located in West Africa, south of the Senegal River. With the Atlantic Ocean in the west 531 km, Mauritania 813 km in the north, Mali 419 km in the east, Guinea 330 km in the south and Guinea-Bissau 338 km border, the total border length of Senegal is 3171 km, including the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Verde Islands are 560 km beyond the coast of Senegal. Gambia is in an enclave that extends 300 km into this country.


The capital of the country is Dakar. Dakar was established on the Cap-Vert peninsula, which is located in the west of the country and the African continent. Various colonial colonies were established in Senegal, which has a 531 km coast to the Atlantic Ocean. While the Island of Gorée, located 300 meters off Dakar, was used for the slave trade in the 19th century, today it is used as a tourism center to show the horrors of the slave trade to the whole world.


  • Capital: Dakar
  • Area: 196.722 km2
  • Population: 15.854.323
  • Currenct: West African CFA Franc
  • Time Zone: UTC


The main language spoken in Senegal is French, it is also the official language of the country. Most Senegalese also speak Wolof,
the most common dialect in Senegal.


Among music, sports, festivities, festivity, gastronomy, African dance, heritage, crafts, Senegalese culture is rich and unique. His hospitality and openness to the world is recognized by all travelers who dare to enter the country and join in its joie de vivre.


Senegalese cuisine is the result of a cultural mix and has been influenced by different culinary traditions. This makes it a rich and important part of Senegalese culture. The most popular dishes are mainly garnished with fish, seafood, beef and mutton. Among the local specialties you will find the national fish-based dish, the basic chicken flatbread or thiéboudienne, which is none other than chicken or beef mafé.


The fashion and textile industry also has an important place in Senegal's cultural presentation. The traditional dress, consisting of loincloth and mousses, is mostly worn on Fridays.

Places to Visit

Saint Louis
Sine Saloum

Places to Visit in Senegal


Senegal is a unique combination of good weather, culture, architectural heritage and natural attractions. From this alchemy was born the extraordinary aura of a universal and authentic country whose inclusion of a good number of its sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List proves its exceptional value.


From city to city, from village to village, the atmospheres follow and complement each other without resembling each other, with everywhere this very much alive tradition, that of a smile, of openness to the world and of the natural hospitality with which we welcome our guests.



Thiébou Dieune

Special Flavors of Senegal


The cuisine of Senegal, the land of flavors, is defined as one of the richest and most diverse cuisines in Africa. It is the perfect combination of flavors borrowed from Africa, Europe and Asia. Hotels and restaurants offer menus of both traditional dishes and signature cuisine. Senegalese cuisine is first and foremost a festive cuisine and Teranga (hospitality) is its basic principle.


If you want to taste delicious and spicy dishes, you will taste the great classics of Senegalese cuisine, which Thiebbu Jeen (rice with fish) is proud of. From Casamance in the south to Saint-Louis in the north, passing through Dakar, enjoy a moderate enjoyment of grilled meat, fish, and shellfish accompanying the sunset along the Atlantic coast.